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I’m a web developer
with a love for colour,
a passion for {code} and a burning desire to solve problems

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Web Design & Web Development Essex

I’m a freelance web designer from Essex with a huge passion for web development and love for Photoshop. I push pixels and code user-friendly websites and applications all while optimising them from the get go.

I don’t just design affordable high-quality websites or even just develop them, I search engine optimise every single one from the for free ensuring you get honest results from the get go. Dont be fooled by companies that offer fancy SEO add-ons, a properly optimised super-fast website should never cost you extra.

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The Profs website design project

How do I do it?

Functional websites from start to finish


When a project is started I gather as much information about you and your brand as possible – Demographics, Future Brand Goals, Your vision as well as a select choice of sites that clearly show the look and feel you are trying to re-create. I will take all this away and put them into the creative brewing pot.


Pushing pixels it more than just arranging some boxes on the page. I use my expertise and knowledge coupled with your brief to tailor a unique website around your brands requirements while targeting your customers wants and needs.


Behind every great website is some artful code, once designs have been agreed upon I’ll turn it a reality with a fully interactive website that makes a bold statement about your brand and leaves a memorable impression on your users.